Embracing new software
It’s true, technology is changing the way we do business. This trend gives all of us, access to incredible tools, and innovations that can quickly change how we manage the loan process from A-Z. What many overlook is the impact that increasing productivity can
This is part three of a three part series. Read part one here. Time. We all want it to move faster for processes that get huge rewards and slower for those that don’t. When it comes to reputation management; communication and length of the
This is a three part series. Please read part one here. In part one of our series, we discussed the impact of issues surrounding communication and how this can not only affect your ability to complete processes but your reputation as a lender. Through
Reputation Management
We’ve scoured the internet researching the most common complaints and pain points that lenders are currently experiencing. To explore both pain points and solutions, we’ve explored not just what lenders had to say, but borrowers as well. To lead change in our industry, we
Lenders and Borrowers are always trying to be more efficient, move a little faster and, in general, be more amazing at what they do. If your business life isn’t organized, kicking your business into high gear won’t be easy. The truth is the more
The lending industry has many obstacles to overcome that is not only based on finding those that can be approved for loans but also in the processes needed to get them there. To stay competitive with an often limited pool of creditworthy buyers, you
The days of a workplace where rows of employees typing away on typewriters on their tiny desks are a thing of the past. Thankfully the days of documents typed up by hand, delivered to colleagues and clients through the postal system, or delivered by
There are still many institutions that generate paper files for the management and processing of loan documents. However, more and more lenders are choosing to digitally organize their processes to maximize efficiency, compliance, and to have more secure data management policies. No matter what
As Chief Technology Officer for your organization, you understand the importance of having systems that not only work for your organization but are efficient and secure. Although performance and stability also come into play when implementing software for your organization, a CTO knows many