3 Criteria to Look at When Choosing the Right Business Software
The best way to evaluate any business software nneds is to identify specific criteria that you need to evaluate. The most important things to consider are your team’s needs. Then bring in the needs and demands you’ve identified as necessary for your customers and
Choosing the Best Business Software for Your Small Business
There is sometimes a funny thing happens when we have a business. As we go through our day managing the group of people we’ve decided to employ, we often default this unspoken rule that “we know best” because we are in charge. Is it
5 Things Highly Productive Offices Do
Just do a Google search for “productivity” and you’ll be able to spend the next 6 weeks reading article after article on everything from life hacks to hacks to drop those last 10 pounds. There is truly a productivity tip or hack for anything
Old Technology
We all know old technology is frustrating. Constant computer or program crashes, software that does some, but not all of what you need it to do and of course there the endless minutes wasted trying to find, load or navigate through outdated systems. Although
4 Tips to Improve Your Lending Business This Month
As a lender, you are always looking for ways to improve and gain more business. Generating new leads, increasing productivity and improving your team’s efficiency are also important. Although there are times when this feels out of reach, the truth is those goals are
Although there are many reasons to use Cirrus, our checklist is one of the features that you not only can set up quickly but also is a great tool that allows you to start saving time (and money) from the start. Here are 5
In today’s lending environment, many have found that the old ways of processing piles of paperwork are not only prohibitive to time management goals but also to their bottom line because of storage fees and other related fees. With the Cirrus Site Drop, you
Embracing new software
It’s true, technology is changing the way we do business. This trend gives all of us, access to incredible tools, and innovations that can quickly change how we manage the loan process from A-Z. What many overlook is the impact that increasing productivity can
Reputation Management Part 3
This is part three of a three part series. Read part one here. Time. We all want it to move faster for processes that get huge rewards and slower for those that don’t. When it comes to reputation management; communication and length of the
Reputation Management for Vendors
This is a three part series. Please read part one here. In part one of our series, we discussed the impact of issues surrounding communication and how this can not only affect your ability to complete processes but your reputation as a lender. Through
Reputation Management
We’ve scoured the internet researching the most common complaints and pain points that lenders are currently experiencing. To explore both pain points and solutions, we’ve explored not just what lenders had to say, but borrowers as well. To lead change in our industry, we
Why Lenders Need to Embrace Document Management
Lenders and Borrowers are always trying to be more efficient, move a little faster and, in general, be more amazing at what they do. If your business life isn’t organized, kicking your business into high gear won’t be easy. The truth is the more