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September 18, 2019 • Insights
3 Criteria to Look at When Choosing the Right Business Software

The best way to evaluate any business software nneds is to identify specific criteria that you need to evaluate. The most important things to consider are your team's needs. Then bring in the needs and demands you've identified as necessary for your customers and organizational leaders. Specifically, you will need to begin with the following criteria when choosing business software:

Price vs. Value

When it comes to choosing any software or systems, there's always the debate of price. Do you need to spend a few thousand dollars extra to get a particular feature? Is it better to save some money and find another way to handle a specific task your team has? 

The truth is, there's no definitive answer to this question. It honestly comes with you partnering with your team and asking feedback from your customers on their experience with your business. You need to be prepared for what you may hear as it might not be what you expect to hear. 

Quality and the ability to scale are vital when you invest in software. Although it may cost more, if it addresses more problems or problems you have in the future, it may be the best fit. 

Accessibility is a Big Factor Today in Business Software

In today's business landscape, we have virtual workers, customers signing documents from their phones and people needing to process things on the go. When choosing software that you'll be using, you might want to consider one that is easily accessed by everyone who needs it where they need it. Remote connectivity is huge with everyone these days? Since accessibility is a big deal when you're investing in new software, you should also consider how long you'll be using that. More than likely what you'll be buying, you'll be using for several years. One question to ask yourself is, "what will my employees and customers need in 5 years from my business? 

 Don't forget the Power of Collaboration

Since there are many factors to consider, you don't want to forget ho much collaboration a software solution allows for. For most businesses, you'll need the platform to both to facilitate communication between your different teams, your clients, and support staff, and then yourself as their leader. Remember when you limit collaboration, you may find yourself in trouble when it comes to scaling your business and avoiding obstacles.

When selecting new software, take your time and make sure you are covering all the bases. If you are unsure if you are on the right track, consider meeting with someone from the software company and discussing your specific pain points in-depth. They may be able to show you real-world instances where they've solved the same problems for other organizations.

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