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June 1, 2019 • Insights
4 Concerns That Challenge The Chief Information Officer

As Chief Technology Officer for your organization, you understand the importance of having systems that not only work for your organization but are efficient and secure. Although performance and stability also come into play when implementing software for your organization, a CTO knows many factors can influence success, you are also aware of those areas that your role may struggle with most:

Security: How do we store documents and manage the risk of loss?
Governance: What processes are in place to manage non-standardized collection systems?
Collaboration: How can we track users actions within our system?
Productivity: How can we keep systems easy to use but efficient?

On their own, the questions as mentioned above can be mitigated, but most of the time, you are not burdened by one area of struggle when it comes to data management. Here are some ways to tackle these questions and create processes you can rely upon for optimal success.

Document Storage and Protecting Data from Loss from the Chief Information Officer Point of View

At one-time lender, practices were heavily paper-based. This created enormous caches of paper-based data that needed to be stored and secured. Today we have the option of creating secure document portals that can be stored digitally. This not only allows us as an industry to better secure documents, but it will enable us to manage more documents. Document security with automated systems and audited backups make having confidence in your organization's security no longer a worry. Cirrus has its own patent-pending Sleep State Encryption (SSE) we further secure your documents at all points in the lender process.

Mitigating the Chaos of Non-Standardized Collection Systems

When there are no systems in place, managing your data becomes difficult. Documents can be lost or forgotten or stored in the wrong place. Cirrus uses a compiler strategy to keep all of your documents in place. Everything is grouped together, so it's easy to find. This also helps create standard processes which help build productivity and confidence within your team. This is something a Chief Information Officer should never have to be worried about.

Managing the Pitfalls of Collaboration

As teams become more location independent and virtually based lender organization appear, the ability to move and secure documents across teams is vital. Maximizing your cloud-based system with Cirrus allows collaboration during the entire loan process from anywhere in the world. It also allows documents to be updated in real-time throughout the process. Team members can easily access documents in the secure cloud environment whenever they need to.

Our team members come to us with varying degrees in understanding when it comes to technology. Streamlined systems allow for user-friendly tools and increased productivity. Cirrus also enables you to allocate workloads and track process status in real-time, while empowering all users to manage their part of the process.

The role of the Chief Information Officer continues to develop as processes and opportunities are refined. With the onset of more significant cybersecurity threats and the need to better secure documents, the CTO's role will continue to be more intricate and imperative to the operations of the lending process.

Cirrus provides our clients with a high-performance software-as-a-service platform that streamlines the collection of commercial loan documentation in an encrypted, cloud-based portal—replacing the clunky collection mechanisms of the past with a sleek, comprehensive system designed for their needs. For more information, contact us today.

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