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July 17, 2019 • Insights
3 Reasons Why Site Drop will Change The Way You Process Loans

In today’s lending environment, many have found that the old ways of processing piles of paperwork are not only prohibitive to time management goals but also to their bottom line because of storage fees and other related fees. With the Cirrus Site Drop, you can easily save time in your process loans by loan but by the task completed.

This is why using Cirrus Site Drop is the only way to upload documents. Here are our top 3 reasons why your lending business needs Cirrus Site Drop.

Upload Securely

In today's cyber-based business practices, having strong digital security is a must. Since documents include personal and financial information, proper management of data security is a must. 

With our drag and drop capabilities, borrowers can upload with confidence. From copies of their passport to signed documents, everything is uploaded and stored securely. Time-stamped receipts also provide borrowers with the confidence that their documents were received. 

Upload from Anyplace

If your borrowers are out of state, on the go or even out of the country, they can easily upload their documents on the spot. Should you need an extra document signed and your borrowers are on vacation, they can easily head to the hotel’s business center, login, sign and be set!  In some cases, they may also be able to log in and sign via their smartphone or iPad. 

With Site Drop, there is no need to drive to the office after work to sign something. All they need is wifi enabled smartphone, computer or iPad and they are set. 

Site Drop Loves Large Files

Many times, when you go to upload a large document, it takes many minutes out of your day. Multiply this by multiple large documents, you could find yourself uploading documents for 30 minutes or more for one borrower. With Site Drop, you simply drag and drop your document and it starts uploading immediately. 

Want to learn more? Watch this quick video to see the highlights of our Site Drop feature.

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