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July 21, 2019 • Insights
5 Reasons Why Lenders Need to Use the Cirrus Checklist

Although there are many reasons to use Cirrus, our checklist is one of the features that you not only can set up quickly but also is a great tool that allows you to start saving time (and money) from the start. Here are 5 reasons why lenders need to use the Cirrus Checklist.

It Helps Borrowers Stay on Track

When you create a checklist, borrowers can be instantly made aware of everything that you need and have from them. This allows the browser to have a checklist at their fingertips which can help reduce those “what do you need?” type questions that often clog up communications. The electronics needs list makes managing documents a breeze!

You Can Include As Many People as You Need To

When you set up your checklist for borrowers, you can customize who gets updates on the documents sent by borrowers. This ends the need for you to send multiple emails trying to track down or information people that you have received documents needed.

Cut down on Emails and Increase Productivity

Many don’t realize how time-consuming email sending, management, and reading takes. There are also many obstacles to overcome when it comes to email. Emails can go to SPAM folder and be “lost” emails might be read but then something pulls the read away and they forget to go back and complete the task. The document checklist keeps everything in one place and everything in order.

If a document is not uploaded, you’ll know

Every lender has had this issue at one time or another. A borrower sends a document and thinks everything uploaded correctly. Then you go to open it and there are issues with the upload or format.

With the checklist, borrowers will know if their documents have been uploaded to the portal correctly. If not, they will be prompted to upload the documents again. This way your team won’t have to spend extra minutes in the day telling borrowers that their uploaded documents were not received or are unreadable.

Know where you are in the process in seconds

If you are a team leader or manager, you can instantly know where every borrower is in the process and better manage not only your team but their processes in general. The activity log lets you filter by date range, user or name.

If you have found that various steps in your process have multiple clogs, you’ll know exactly where those are at with the checklist. This helps you streamline processes, roles, and even departmental needs easily!

Lastly, we would love to share with you a quote from one of our happiest users. This is proof positive that this is the best organizational tool out there for lenders!

"Prior to Cirrus, our packaging/closing team spent an average of 1-hour creating checklists and sending them off to the client, 6 hours managing the checklists and updating them as the deal progressed, and 9 hours renaming files to our standard. After Cirrus, this was reduced to about 45 minutes creating a checklist and sending it off to the client, and < 1 hour managing the checklist and updating them as the deal progressed, and no time renaming the file to our standard. Savings: ~15 hours per file.

I have also built standardized email templates that can be modified in under 15 minutes to introduce Cirrus, how to use it, and deliver it to the client, so we spend less time on the phone with clients helping them upload."

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