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August 31, 2019 • Insights
3 Unexpected Ways Your Old Technology is Hurting Your Business

We all know old technology is frustrating. Constant computer or program crashes, software that does some, but not all of what you need it to do and of course there the endless minutes wasted trying to find, load or navigate through outdated systems. Although you might not want to admit it, your outdated tech is hurting your business.

Beyond those points, there are other things that you may not realize are seriously impacting your business. Today we are going to look at those unexpected ways your old technology is hurting your business. After this, you'll be ready to make a plan on how you can escape the pitfalls of old tech.

Old Technology Can Hurt Your Hiring Efforts

Today's employment landscape is competitive. Many companies have a hard time not only finding but retaining high-quality employees.

The hiring process is expensive.

The training process is expensive.

With so many expenses adding up, no business has money or time to spare on hiring employees that won't stay. Today's potential employees are not only tech-savvy but their expectations of what technology they should have to do their job the way they think they need to do it are also different than the employees of 10 years ago. Today's potential employees use tech daily and in some cases pride themselves on the "level" of technical knowledge they have.

Modern-day workers simply don't have the patience for tech that doesn't keep up, frustrates them more than helps them and hinders their productivity (in all honesty, who does?). A Workforce Study sponsored by Dell and Intel, conducted by Penn Schoen Berland, has found that over "80% of millennials say workplace tech will influence their job decision". They also found that 42% would leave a job with unsatisfactory technology.

Customer Perception of Your Organization

Let's say you walked into a local lenders office and the lenders working on yellowed monitors using Windows XP. What would your first reaction be?  Would you feel comfortable giving them the personal or financial information you need to process a loan? Would your perception of the company be that it is secure, innovative, and organized? In today's technology-driven world, you cannot underestimate the impact of updated systems and processes as some of the most prominent indicators of a strong modern business ready to serve today's borrowers.

Legal and Compliance

Having lax business security in a data-driven world is a major risk in today's workplace. It is easy for companies to choose to prioritize other business operations over upgrading devices and software. Although the need for updating tech might not be as outwardly noticeable as not having enough space for your team or wanting to offer fun employee perks like the competition, that doesn't mean it's not important. 

Releasing new software is not a way for your software company to squeeze more money out of your business. Updated programs offer protection to their users including the latest safeguards against things like malware, as well as improved functionality and productivity features.

Did you know that auditors can fine companies that fail to offer the correct level of protection for digital documents? This makes unsupported software a huge red flag when it comes to the overall security of your organization.

There's no doubt, not having cutting edge systems in place to support the evolution of your business, can create high levels of frustration and endless ways that the productivity of your business can be impacted. If you feel that your business is behind the times, then it's time to make a change!

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