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September 4, 2019 • Insights
5 Things Highly Productive Offices Do

Just do a Google search for "productivity" and you'll be able to spend the next 6 weeks reading article after article on everything from life hacks to hacks to drop those last 10 pounds. There is truly a productivity tip or hack for anything happening in your life but the office, well that's a little trickier.

Building a Productive Office

When you decide you're ready to make your office and your employees more productive, the truth is you'll find the best tips when you pull from many different sources and apply them to your office operations. If that task feels a bit overwhelming no worries, we've pulled the top 5 things highly productive offices do to over-deliver every day.

They Hold Themselves Accountable 

The extremely productive all have a common thread, they hold themselves accountable. This means if they say they are going to do it, then they do it. Although this is a learned behavior and not all employees may have that when they come on board, it is a skill they can learn to do, especially when they are surrounded by those that set that expectation.

They Follow a Consistent Routine

Do you follow a routine in the morning before you head out the door? Have you ever thought of having one in the office? Having a routine greatly improves productivity. From having expectations regarding processes to never missing a due date you can help your whole team operate in a more streamlined way by embracing routines. It also is a great way to identify where some employees are struggling and then applying training as needed. Routines also give structure and a sense of security to your team.

They Plan Actions Weekly

Having a weekly game plan is another way your team can having confidence in their workflow. If they know what to expect, then they know what has to get done. If you have an unusually high number of documents to the process or a key player on your team is out on vacation, the whole team needs to know that. Take 15 minutes to give your team this week's action items and this week's obstacles. That way they start the week prepared and on track.

They Take Large Tasks and Break them Down into Smaller Ones

If you have a large task in front of your team, break it down into smaller sections and assign those well skilled in those areas to complete them. When you drop a large task in front of people they can easily become overwhelmed. When you break it down you not only allow for those with strong skills in those areas shine, but you prevent the fear and panic that comes with having a large project dropped in your lap.

They Track Progress Weekly

Tracking progress not only builds self-esteem but builds team spirit. If people see that someone is falling behind, they may be more open to help get them on track if the progress made is presented and tracked as a team. When you track weekly progress you also identify which areas of your business also seem to get hung up. If the processing of a document always seems to get hung up on one specific area, then you know where you need to focus attention.

Making your office a lean, mean productivity machine doesn't have to be hard but it does require specific focuses and systems to help everyone share the same vision.





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